JM de Guzman admits that he's still struggling with Mental Health issue

In deep sleep, at 4 in the morning, JM de Guzman suddenly woke up undergoing intense waves of emotions. His heart rapidly beating, he felt like he was about to pass out or die. He shared this experience on Instagram and, without minding what people would think, he bravely posted a video on how he coped with the panic attack.

In his video, he applied ice to calm down. He used a cloth to hold some ice he gathered in a basin, gently pressing it on his closed eyes and then leaving it to melt on the crown of his head and nape for a couple of minutes.

To those in the same condition, he recommended the same technique, putting ice on the face, hand, and head. 

“This is what my panic disorder looks like 400 am middle of a good sleep. intense waves of emotions. rapid heart beat thatll make you feel you are about to pass out or die. I use ice to slow down the heart beat and to feel my face because my body is numb, over powered by emotions. this maybe caused by a painful trauma in the past. I managed to record this because somehow im learning to cope with it and just hoping others might relate and to let you know youre not alone."

"If you have this too , put ice on your face, head hand and body. Just pray and deep breaths and make the people around you understand ur condition tell them to stop asking questions and just be there so the attack will subside quicker rather than triggered. “itll be over after 30 or 40 mins and youll be fine” (keep telling that to yourself so thats the only thing running inside your mind) just a little exhausting. keep safe..

#TobeAwareistobeAlive” JM says.

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