Ian Reister Arnidoval husband of Chin-chin Madriaga finally speak up about the issue

On the afternoon of November 20, a netizen name Chin-chin Madriaga posted a controversial photo of her husband and his mistress allegedly on their house undress and her conversation of her and the mistress begging on her to delete her post because the father will kill her if he sees her post.

At first, Chin-chin did not want to extend to RTIA but after a few hours she posted the controversial post then she asked the contact of RTIA and show that she message the Facebook messenger of RTIA.

Right now it was not sure if Chin-chin will continue to complain to RTIA but the eye of the netizen on social media was on them.

Ian Reister Arnidoval the husband of Chin-Chin Madriaga has finally spoken. He admitted all of his wrongdoings and he is now asking for his wife's forgiveness.

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