Honest netizen goes out of his way to find the owner of a lost bag.

Acts of kindness are not something new for the Filipinos. Recently, the food delivery rider was praised by the netizens after they had sacrificed so much to protect the food of their customers, including braving the flooded streets.

Genard Calibayan Octaviano, an honest netizen, took Facebook and shared the photos of the lost bag he picked up in Makati.

He posted photos of the contents of the back, including identification, so that somehow he could reach the owner and get the bag back.

Based on the ID photo, the owner was Mark Andrei Dogillo.

The contents of the bag included alcohol, money, a cellphone charger, a driver's license, and other important IDs.

"Kagulong MARK ANDREI DOGILLO ako nkapulot ng bag mo gnina sa makati

Pm mo lng ako.....

Many netizens praised the honest guy. 

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