Her Tita demands 30,000 pesos for her Nephew's Birthday Party but gets Furious after offering 13,000php

Most people will need to borrow money at some stage to tide it up in an emergency, buy larger items, or fund a special event.

A netizen Ma Sofia Meer name posted a screenshot of a conversation on Facebook about someone who wants to borrow some money but ended on insulting her.

A relative of her Leah Macaron message her on messenger tell she's beautiful and asked where she is now them Ma Sofia reply that she's in Singapore and after that Leah tell the real intention of why she message Ma Sofia.

Leah asked if she can borrow some money for a baptism of her child and she will have a birthday in December then Ma Sofia asked how much she needed then Leah said was 30k.

Ma Sofia said that she doesn't have that much money because she already transfers some money to Us Influence for the victim of the onslaught of the typhoon and she only can lend is 10k then Leah reply that it's only for Lechon and cake.

Then Ma Sofia said that 13k lass call because that was her only money left then Leah said 25k because Ma Sofia has a lot of money and she will pay it immediately.

Then Ma Sofia said that 25k was too much because she still has a lot to pay and Christmas was coming but Leah just push the 25k because her father and mother were a lot of money left for her and tell her that 25k was just a "barya" for her and she replies that 13k that she can lend to her.

And this is where her insults to her began when she was told that she was very stingy and boastful because she donated to US Influencer

Here are the full conversation of them:

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