Help is on the way for Michelle Banaag and her Family

It will be recalled that although Raffy Tulfo said to Michelle that she did not need to take another drug test but she challenged it because he wanted to prove that she had changed.  

Michelle also asked Raffy Tulfo for financial help for her niece and son as well as his dentures. Tulfo immediately said that he would help it but the next day the wind changed after Michelle withdrew her drug test. 

This is why Tulfo was angry with her because he proved she was still on drugs. He withdrew all his promised help to Michelle and called the DSWD to give an assessment as to whether she deserved to take care of her son and nephews. Raffy Tulfo also said that he will make sure that Tekla will take custody of their son.

A netizen named Rashid Santos said he was ready to help Michelle and her family. She said she was just told how much Michelle needed for her denture and she would send money.

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