Guy left by his date After taking her to a 'Perya' and feed her Siomai

This man more than a year-long relationship with his ex-girlfriend did not end well. It is said that just because he took her to the funfair on one of their dates, he left her.

Through a Facebook post, James shared the alleged abandonment of his former relationship.

According to James, they allegedly had a relationship with their ex-girlfriend for a year after he had been dating her for almost half a year.

When the day of their 1st anniversary arrived, he allegedly took it to the funfair. But, after that, his ex-girlfriend allegedly treated him differently.

Until the arrival of the 14th of February, Valentine's day. When he allegedly invited her that day, here came the real reason why it allegedly cooled her.

Their relationship ended in a divorce.

According to photos of their conversation that James also shared, the former girlfriend allegedly did not like taking him to the funfair on their anniversary.

Apart from this, he also said that he did not like James feeding him siomai and porridge.

As a result, the woman eventually left James.

“Ayoko na James…

“Ayoko na. P*tang*na…

“Naglolokohan nalang tayo…

“Maghanap ka ng babaeng cheap,” ani pa nito kay James.

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