Girlfriend's revenge after losing an argument with her boyfriend

 When you fight your relationship, what are you going to do to court her? But what if, instead of being coaxed, the person you love takes revenge on you? This is what happened to a netizen, but instead of getting angry, he just laughed at what his girlfriend had done to him.

One day after posting on Facebook, a man's post immediately received 46,000 purely "HAHA" reactions, 26,000 comments, and 39,000 shares, while recounting the incident that took place between him and his girlfriend.

Jessie Abalos Cagurangan said that her fiancée Jenny Mae Manaois Garcia was mad at him for drinking until dawn. They allegedly quarreled because of this but soon welcomed each other.

One morning after they allegedly greeted each other, Jessie received a call from the guard.

“Biglang tinawag ako ng guard may parcel daw ako sa baba. Napaisip ako kasi “WALA NAMAN AKONG IN-ORDER,” Jessie said.

But one day later, while Jessie was outside, her officemate called and said a parcel would be delivered to him.

“Wala akong matandaang in-order ko. Tapos tinanong ko ‘tong girlfriend ko, sa kaniya pala. And yet, sa’kin pa rin naka-address. Syempre pinabayaran ko na naman,” Jessie added.

One day later, Jessie received not only one but two parcels again, ordered by his girlfriend Jenny.

“So ngayon, napagtanto ko na hindi na ako makikipag-away sa kanya. Mahirap pala yung ganti. Wala eh, love mo, eh!”

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