Ghost Town with Expensive Cars leaving covered in dust

Nothing can quite intrigue and horrify us in equal parts like a town that was abandoned in its entirety.

Whether you're looking for a creepy, off-the-beaten-path way to spend a day or a backdrop for a chilling photo series, we've rounded up the 13 most photogenic and terrifying ghost towns around the world.

Back before the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, Varosha was the island’s most important and well-recognized tourist destination. It attracted the highest number of tourists and was a favorite spot for many celebrities.

Yet after the war, Varosha ended up as part of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The quarter has remained unused ever since, with authorities sealing it off and not allowing anyone in, except for Turkish military personnel and UN representatives. Thus, Varosha has remained abandoned, effectively a ghost town held as a bargaining chip in Cyprus-Turkish relations.

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