Ylona Garcia Responds to Bashers regarding Her "Lawlaw" Breast

Feminism, the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. Although largely originating in the West, feminism is manifested worldwide and is represented by various institutions committed to activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.

Women were bullied for their flaws because the media always projects women as flawless and perfectly good looking. Now that men and women who stand for feminism are now existing to fight for their rights and to normalize flaws into a woman. That's why in a recent post of Kapamilya actress Ylona Garcia. Where she posted a photo of her half body mirror shot.

Unmannered  Filipinos came all along into her post commenting malicious and inappropriate words saying "law law" "law is law"

While others defended her saying that her body is asymmetrical is very normal and there's nothing wrong with having saggy breasts.

And the 18-year-old artist remained unrattled and hurt over the commentaries people online made about her body. She believed and respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but she feels sorry for these people

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