Famous Actress admits She Lived in Willie Revillame's House for 2 Months

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino admitted that they used to live when there was a lockdown at the private beach resort of host Willie Revillame.

“I haven’t worked with him. I lived with him. Okay, that sounds wrong! Wait! I’ll correct it! Nakitira kami sa kanya,” Kris even shared about it.

According to her, they also spent two months living at Willie's resort in Puerto Galera. She is accompanied by his two sons Josh and Bimby.

But, Kris insisted that they barely saw Willie there. According to Kris, the host is too busy with various things while she also spends time reading. She said that because she is very interested in reading, sometimes she can no longer talk to his children.

They also did not live in the same house as Willie. Kris and her children stayed on the yacht lent by the Wowowin host while he stayed at her house.

“We stayed in his yacht. He stayed in his house. We are very opposite in the sense that he needs to be constantly in motion, he needs to be constantly moving. He doesn’t like wasting a moment. 

“And then he said, ‘Bakit ikaw the person goes back to you after 48 hours and you’re still there?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, because I like reading.’ I think I’m the ultimate nerd. When I’m not working, I like to save my voice so that I can read 10 books – legal thrillers, women detectives, biographies, autobiographies…

“For every five fiction (books), I make sure to read one non-fiction… I love reading! I got that from my dad!” Kris added.

It is said that in Boracay Kris and his children were scheduled to stay during the height of the lockdown and travel restrictions. But, due to a medical emergency they had to seek the help of the host.

At that time, they also could not return to their house because its second floor was under renovation.

Prior to these details, Kris once again shared the host's help and accommodation with them at his resort in Puerto Galera when there was a community quarantine. In a report shared by Philstar.com, Kris said,

“I’ll try to make this short, TRY— for the community quarantine we were ready to stay in Boracay but realistically marami kaming 3 na kailangang prescription meds, medyo aware na kayo sa autoimmune ko, kuya has reux & bimb has asthma…

“A kindhearted, generous, and SPECIAL friend of ours pinasundo (thank you Capt Elmer) & ngayon kinukupkop kami. bakit di po kami dumirechong umuwi? wrong timing kasi ako, nagpa renovate ng 2nd oor, clean & ready early next week…

“Pinahiram sa 'min ang resort ni Willie. O 'di ba ang swerte namin?

“If you want a tour of willie’s new beach property (para gumaan ang stress) kayo na mag request here, i’ll show him— na SHY na ko…”


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