Donnalyn Bartolome had bashers even when Doing everything to help

Celebrity vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome extended help to heavily flooded areas in Rizal and Marikina due to Typhoon Ulysses, by sending boats for the rescue of residents there.

Donnalyn asked the followers who are willing to volunteer to help the victims of typhoon Ulysses.

She was also asking who among Marikina and Rizal residents would be willing to volunteer to help out as rescuers, particularly those who can swim and paddle. She said she would be willing to pay such volunteers as she was already buying boats.

"MARIKINA and RIZAL residents sino ang gusto magvolunteer for rescue? Marunong magsagwan at lumangoy, kahit magbayad ako. I’m buying boats na so let me know asap! Need na ng help ng barangays dahil lagi na busy ang lines nila. God help those who need you please please" she said.

Some netizens in the comments expressed their willingness to help without getting anything in return.

Donnalyn then updated her followers that the rescue boats which can fit up to 10 individuals were delivered. She was also able to find and coordinate with local rescuers.

“Rescuers are complete. Montalban resident rescuers for Montalban and Rizal chairman will lead rescue for Rizal. They’ll just send proof of proper use ng boats solely for rescuing people and animals,” she said. 

In her most recent update, Donnalyn mentioned that she and her team are on the way to personally deliver more rescue boats “but natirikan ako guys dahil sa baha.

Netizens were amazed at the help she gave to the victims of the typhoon but there were still netizens who questioned and bashed her on what she did.

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