China Roces posted an alleged another girl of partner Tim Sawyer?

Tim sawyer and China Roces were popular because of their videos on Tim Sawyer’s YouTube Channel. Lately, they made an issue that went viral online because they quarreled in front of the camera during a Facebook live. Lots of viewers and fans witnessed the scene. China even revealed that Tim has a mistress and used China and their son Timothy to gain fame and money. Now that they are a hot topic on social media sites.

Previously, vloggers China Roces and Tim Sawyer who took their quarrel to the program of Raffy Tulfo showed no sign of patching things up, but all ends well after they made decisions to get back.

After almost 3 months, it looks like Tim Sawyer was on the hot seat again after China Roces posted when she posted on his Facebook page an unknown girl and ask the netizen who seem to know the unknown girl and where she lives and she needs to talk with her.

Many netizens who see this post saying that allegedly there will be part 2 of Tim Sawyer-China Roces quarrel. China Roces this post but many netizens already save up on his post on their phone.

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