Barbie Imperial's replies to Anthony Leodones Went Viral Online

In the latest post of Anthony Leodones, it can be seen that he is still teasing Jamie and the one he used to piss on her is his iPad with a wallpaper of Barbie Imperial.

They also made a video in which Jamie used to tease her boyfriend and she used is her new wallpaper Park Seo Joon but Anthony have also something to tease where he used his iPad again and the wallpaper was Barbie Imperial and he said Barbie notice him after sharing his post, and Jamie was even more annoyed with him.

Barbie shares his post and with a caption "Kilig naman ako Anthony".

Anthony commented in her post telling "SO KELAN TAYO MAG MEMEET CHAR" and Barbie repied "Anthony Leodones kelan ka ba pwede?".

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