Barbie Imperial fluttered on what Anthony Leodones said

Barbie Imperial is an actress who got her showbiz break after joining the reality show Pinoy Big Brother. She gained fame after starring in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi with JM De Guzman. 

Anthony Leodones and Jamie Bautista are one of the most famous couples on social media because of the entertainment they gave to the netizens. 

Later, they made a video where Anthony manages to get an iPhone 12 pro and he tries to piss Jamie that he already gets her dream phone.

And after that Jamie also got an iPhone and he used it to brag to Anthony but Anthony still has this iPad so Jamie got even angrier and she tied it to the chair.

In the latest post of Anthony Leodones, it can be seen that he is still teasing Jamie and the one he used to piss on her is his iPad with a wallpaper of Barbie Imperial.

Barbie shares his post and with a caption "Kilig naman ako Anthony"

They also made a video in which Jamie used to tease her boyfriend and she used is her new wallpaper Park Seo Joon but Anthony have also something to tease where he used his iPad again and the wallpaper was Barbie Imperial and he said Barbie notice him after sharing his post, and Jamie was even more annoyed with him.

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