Babaeng pinag-aral ng kanyang nobyo, may iba na palang boyfriend

The man who named himself as Mark Anthony Gitomo, the wife of Mary Rose Palasi's complaint, cried.

He complained that apart from the fact that he despised his own son, he also complained that his wife worked as a dancer at the bar, and who the stranger was, he added to his complaint that he earns enough from his regular income to help his family, but his wife seems to be short of what her husband is giving her, so she is searching for a large income, so she went back to work at the club and re-entered the Photoshoot.

Her husband complained to his wife, that this is not the work of a woman with a family, so he put it in a respectable job first and his wife hated it because it's not ideal for her to do this kind of work, so this goes back to her former job because she thinks she can make money quickly.

The two led to a fight and ended up divorced and his wife, they were taken by their son and taken home to Baguio but his wife's issue was not ended, his wife had another male partner when he arrived in Baguio, he discovered that when he complained to her and his cousin showed another man an image of his wife.

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