Woman Rants on Facebook after she didn't get a sit while Riding a Bus

The bus is one of the main modes of transportation in our country today. But in today's traffic situation, sometimes it is inevitable that you will not be able to sit because it is crowded and there is a lot of scrambling passengers.

A Facebook post went viral recently after a woman was allegedly not seated by a man on a bus.

This was posted by netizen Fran Rusti. In his post, he featured a woman named Rizzy Nicole De Guzman. In the said post, it can be seen that the woman complained to a man sitting in front of her.

Fran Rusti did not like it when he posted and gave an opinion

Today a gentleman is an endangered species. And we men know that too. There are lots of distractions in this world that blocks our way to inherit the characteristics of a gentleman.

Even as time passes by, the word “man” has no same meaning as before. If we define it by the archaic method, a man means to “fortify the spirits or courage of.”

These days’ people even confuse the meaning of a gentleman. Giving up your sit on public transportation won’t make you a gentleman, but your overall behavior will.

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