Wife Unexpectedly Caught Her Husband Cheating With Her Cousin

A wife was shocked after she found out that her husband's mistress is her cousin. She posted on her Facebook account informing everyone what happened. She even clarified she kept all her heartache, but now it has come to an end. She expressed how much she trusted her cousin because she was the one who knows her story. The wife is an OFW in Dubai, while his husband is in the country to take care of their child.

The wife even posted the shreds of evidence that proves that her cousin is the mistress of her husband. Photos of her husband and her cousin at a hotel are included in the post, even their conversation. Her cousin uses another Facebook account to cover their nonsense.  The wife grieves because she works hard overseas while his husband uses the money for pleasure. The wife confessed that she endure the 4 years of her life with her husband all for nothing. She even experienced being physically abused by his husband.

In the post, it also stated that there are lots of people telling her about her cousin and husband's relationship, but she continues to deny the story and put her trust in her cousin because she treated her as a sister her whole life. Later on, she posted expressing why she would delete the post when no one knows how she feels.

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