Vlogger tagged Liza Soberano as NPA member after defending Women and Children's Safety

This has to be the perfect example of red-tagging at its worst. A VERA Files article defined red-tagging as “the harassment or persecution of a person because of ‘known or suspected communist sympathies.’”

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) listed Gabriela Women’s Party as a front organization for “communist terrorist groups” during a security briefing on Tuesday at the House of Representatives.

Defense and military officials were at the Batasang Pambansa to give an update November last year on the country’s security situation and the AFP modernization program.

Elizabeth Hope Soberano is also known as Liza Soberano took the time to address an online audience at the Gabriela Youth webinar “Mga Tinig ni Nene: Reclaiming Our Voices on the International Day of the Girl Child” on Tuesday, Oct. 13, while she is in the United States caring for her grandmother.

After that, a vlogger accused actress Liza Soberano of becoming a member of an alleged communist front after she participated in an online seminar by the youth arm of women’s rights group Gabriela.


In the Livestream of Maui Beckker on Youtube last Wednesday night, the vlogger played a portion of the speech of Liza Soberano before Gabriela Youth where she spoke about violence against women and children.

“I was afraid that people would judge me. They would say what do I know, I’m just a girl, I’m just an actress,” Soberano said in the seminar, explaining why she was previously hesitant about speaking up on issues.

The response to Liza, Yes, that’s right. Just mind your job. Sure, it’s your freedom but make sure that you are knowledgeable about things.

But right now, it looks like you don’t know that Gabriela is a plague in the society, members of terrorists and communists, rebels, NPA, NPA’s front. You don’t have any idea. If you don’t know anything Liza, just keep silent. And hands off our children, Liza, you stupid b****.

Case in point: the curious case of Liza Soberano.

Videos like these have suddenly appeared on social media lately—and it all comes from Liza speaking in a webinar celebrating International Day of the Girl Child.

In case you’ve been on Twitter, we’re sure you’ve noticed this, alongside #DefendLizaSoberano and #ProtectLizaSoberano. We’re also sure you’ve noticed netizens using these hashtags to show disgust at attacks from pro-government netizens, asking people to #BoycottLizaSoberano—as if they understand what that really entails.

Some netizens have taken to tagging Liza’s manager, Ogie Diaz, asking for help in “protecting Hopie”.

Ogie has since responded, thanking all of those who have been helping out on social media to protect Liza.

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