Vice Ganda losses an Eyebrow after Its Showtime Mass Testing Funishment

Vice Ganda, or Jose Marie Viceral in real life, is a Filipino actor, TV host, comedian, and recording artist. He is dubbed as the Philippines’ “Phenomenal Box Office Star.”

“It’s Showtime” is concluding its week-long anniversary celebration on Saturday with the traditional “Magpasikat,” where its hosts put on spectacular performances in a competition for charity.

On one of the segments of It's Showtime Mass Testing, Kim Chiu is the one who played it. 

With the number of penalties prepared by Its Showtime in the said segment, one of them is the liking of some Instagram posts by Gerald Anderson. Kim Chiu accepted this challenge while saying the name of Julia Barretto.

Vice Ganda had long evaded the role since “Mas Testing’s” debut but now agreed to do it as part of the noontime program’s 11th-anniversary celebration.

The day "Person Under Testing" where his close friend and screen sidekick MC and Lassy who appeared to deliberately produce results contradicting Vice Ganda’s guesses, making him undergo three “funishments” in total.

The consequences had Vice Ganda shaving his eyebrow, prank-calling ABS-CBN executive Charo Santos-Concio, and getting dropped into water, “perya”-style.

The phenomenal star was subjected to a “funishment” for the segment “Mas Testing” where he was tasked by his co-hosts Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario to shave his eyebrows. 

Jhong then suggested shaving only one eyebrow because he thinks it's unique

Vice’s current boyfriend Ion Perez, on the other hand, is just beside him while doing the “funishment”. "Will you still love me without my eyebrow?" he asked Ion.

"It's okay, it will grow too," Ion replied while beaming. 

“Do you know how important these gays are? "My eyebrows are as important as my brother," the prominent comedian quipped.

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