This young Filipina student has a higher IQ than Albert Einstein But got rejected by her First School of choice

Mia Golosino has an IQ of 162 – the highest possible score on the test she took, well over the so-called genius benchmark of 140. It puts her well into the top 1% of people when it comes to brainpower – but even so, she was turned down for her first-choice school due to "oversubscription". She had applied for Aylesbury High grammar school after sitting the 11-plus exam privately. 

This prompted Golosino’s parents to let her take the British Mensa IQ test in a bid to overturn the school’s decision.

Mia aced the exam and posted a 162-score line, which revealed that she appears to possess a higher IQ than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, who scored 140 and 160, respectively.

As reported by Smart Parenting, Mia’s father, Jose, clarified why his daughter got rejected from Aylesbury High. He said that it had to do with their home location and the number of students the school can only accommodate. 

But after she got rejected from the first School that she chooses, Golosino now has a spot at the Royal Latin grammar school in Buckingham. She wants to be the first Filipina who became Prime Minister

Mia is an avid swimmer and dancer who has long been dreaming about attending Aylesbury High grammar school.

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