This Guy Offers You a Great Deal to Become Manly In Front of your Partner!

A guy from Facebook offers service to make you look manly in front of your girlfriends! In these modern times, people who are finding jobs are making their own way to make one, just like this guy. Because of the pandemic it majorly affected our lifestyle and survival for everyday living. Different gigs just to earn money legally.

This man posted in his Facebook account asking those people who wanted to make their girlfriends be proud of them and make them look manly by availing his service to hire him to harass your partner and you will act to protect them. 

He even convinces people that it's just a small fee compared to the great award you will receive, the admiration of your partner. He added that this stunt will prove your partners wrong if they think you are a coward.

This post immediately reached thousands of people. Some find the post funny but others are convinced. Lots of Facebook users are mentioning names to the comments of the post. It seems like the post is serious about its offer. 

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