The Infamous "Ice Box Murder" Recently Took Place in the Philippines

The icebox murder ~ it was the most infamous murder case originated in Houston, the City of Texas that occurred on June 23, 1965. Where even after more than 50 years, the husband and wife who were found cut up in a refrigerator still didn't get the justice they deserved. 

Now the so-called spine chilling method recently took place in the Philippines. Social Media is now on high alert after it happened in Sta. Cruz Manila, Second to the most populated cities in the Philippines. 

The story is from the Facebook group named 'The Black Thread' and was posted by Nowell D. Asuncion Jr in which he claims that the story was only sent by an anonymous person (thinking that it might catch the interest of the members).

Read his story below:

According to the investigation, the victim is a 37-year-old Philippine Navy Reservist named Oliver Ignacio y Esguerra who was allegedly abducted.

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