Tekla's Personal assistant found a mysterious foil inside Michelle's house after they went on a tour

On October 20, Kapuso comedian Super Tekla is in the hot seat after his partner Michelle Bana-ag accused him of forcing her to have sex with him.

The issue becomes more complicated as more news about some past photos and videos of Michelle against what she said on Raffy Tulfo in Action.

Tekla's assistant for 3 years Alvin, posted on his Facebook account about his boss.

He said that "I am Super Tekla's Personal Assistant for 3 years I still have a special appearance on Tekla's bday on #Tbats. It's too far to be defined and you judge him based only on that video serrr / mam. We are used to who made the video, he is right, he is the victim which is very wrong. Because I know both Mich and SuperTekla. And in those three years, I have known both of you and you should take sides. I will not last three years with SuperTekla if he is not a good person although Boss really has a bad temper sometimes because the reason is also with me. It will make you angry but he will forgive you immediately. Even though he is like that, I know in my heart that this person is my brother, he treats me like that, even though he hnds me, I am a good person"

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