Tekla's Live-in Partner Caught Playing Cards while being interviewed by Raffy Tulfo

On October 20, Kapuso comedian Super Tekla is in the hot seat after his partner Michelle Bana-ag accused him of forcing her to have sex with him.

The video shown before broadcaster Raffy Tulfo talked to Michelle Lhor Bana-ag, the complainant and partner of Super Tekla, has shocked many people and the host himself. Virtually, he went on interviewing Tekla’s partner who revealed the truth about the video and every act he has done behind it while tearing up.

Friend of Tekla Donita Nose and Ogie Diaz and his manager Rose Conde depend on the accusation of Michell

As she explains about Tekla's gambling with Raffy Tulfo, netizens noticed that Michelle was holding a playing card.

In 9:01-9:30, you can see that she is actually holding a playing card.

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