Tekla's Condo Unit have changed after the make over with the help of Donita Nose

On October 20, Kapuso comedian Super Tekla is in the hot seat after his partner Michelle Bana-ag accused him of forcing her to have sex with him.

The issue becomes more complicated as more news about some past photos and videos of Michelle against what she said on Raffy Tulfo in Action.

On October 25, the Youtube channel of Tekla and Donita Nose upload titled "ANG NAKAKALOKANG CONDO NI TEKLA". 

Another video surfaced, which showed Tekla with the family members of Michelle at home, The video showed the sister of Michelle, and another of her relatives living with them, while they were eating. Tekla was talking about Baby Angelo, saying that Baby Angelo already drinks a lot of milk. Before eating Tekla told Michelle's niece to pray, and they were eating corned beef without any sign of animosity from the sister Super Tekla and Donita Nose have uploaded a new episode of their vlog on YouTube. 

The heartwarming vlog episode shows the drastic makeover of Tekla’s condominium unit. Donita and their friends cleaned the condo unit to the best of their ability and bought new items for the house using the donation from an anonymous person. Tekla got emotional and hugged his loyal friend after seeing the result of the makeover. The comedian said that although he is now alone after Michelle left him, he is happy that he still has a friend like Donita. 

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