Tekla shows Genuine kindness after telling this to Michelle

A lot of things happened this week on social media, especially to those people who were involved in the issues that bombarded our news feeds with so many controversies. The topic regarding GMA rising entertainer, Super Tekla hasn't yet seized as people kept digging on things that could be used against the allegations that his live-in partner Michelle has been claiming to Raffy Tulfo.

In an interview Ogie with Tekla, Ogie asked Tekla if it crossed his mind that he had returned to his vice, Tekla's answer was one of those that haunted his brain before but he did not absorb the issue so that he could think so he knew what to do

At first, he cried, and when he wanted to sleep but  he could not sleep but he forced himself to sleep to rest his brain because when he punished himself even more because of the issue he could not find a solution, he needed good thinking to solve his problem 

He also said that he did not watch all of Michelle's appearance in RTIA because he knows all of it and he will be hurt if he watches it, he felt sorry for Michelle and said he was not given a chance to save them from shame but he was the one who's in the hot seat.

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