Tekla explained why he's mad on the video sent by Michelle in RTIA

Super Tekla has already told the real story of why he is angry with the video that Michelle showed to Idol Raffy Tulfo.

Super Tekla recently admitted to Ogie Diaz why he seems so angry in the video that Michelle Lhor Bana-ag showed to Raffy Tulfo.

In the talent manager's vlog, Tekla details what motivates him to confront his live-in partner.

"Why at that time we saw you that you are screaming? We saw we watch you screaming," Ogie asked.

Tekla replied that one of her friends warned her that Michelle had posted against her on social media which could affect her image.

"I have a friend, I care because I have blocked them."

"I still live outside. I still entertain people without knowing that there is a plan behind me."

“I have a caring friend, I read in the comment section on my life that 'your partner is hurting you'. It was as if I was being warned that 'you might be damned'. So, I haven't noticed it yet. And then that friend of mine did not stop. He screenshots all of his partner's posts to send to me. And then when I read it, I exploded. I exploded. I got mad."

"And then when I was angry, I confronted them." However, The comedian did not disclose what Michelle's post was about.

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