Tekla confessed that Michelle was Regularly Stealing Money from his Bank Account

 A lot of things happened this week on social media, especially to those people who were involved in the issues that bombarded our news feeds with so many controversies. The topic regarding GMA rising entertainer, Super Tekla hasn't yet seized as people kept digging on things that could be used against the allegations that his live-in partner Michelle has been claiming to Raffy Tulfo.

Ogie Diaz interviewed Super Tekla and asked what we all want to hear from him. It's been a week now since his live-in partner Michelle Bana-ag went to Raffy Tulfo and accused him of several inhumane acts towards her and their newly born baby.

Super Tekla did not give his statement to Raffy Tulfo in his defense because they still haven't yet got any permission to his mother network.

Now everyone was shocked after he revealed that he got beaten up by his live-in partner's whole family.

He even revealed that Michelle takes all of his money on the ATM

“Because all of my belongings, I personally - even the PIN number of my ATM, Michelle knows. I have nothing to hide. ‘When I sleep, everyone is distracted. I don't want him to think I'm hiding him.

When asked when Michelle cleared her ATM, Tekla said: “Many times. Because he did it to me a few times. But that’s just money. I can recover that. ”

Tekla admits: “I love Michelle so much. I love it all. ”

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