Super Tekla is in Great Debt after Michelle Sold all Furnitures of his Condo Unit

On October 20, Kapuso comedian Super Tekla is in the hot seat after his partner Michelle Bana-ag accused him of forcing her to have sex with him.

The issue becomes more complicated as more news about some past photos and videos of Michelle against what she said on Raffy Tulfo in Action.

On October 25, the Youtube channel of Tekla and Donita Nose upload titled "ANG NAKAKALOKANG CONDO NI TEKLA". 

Some netizens reacted to the video and posted on Facebook some screenshot on how dirty the condo where Tekla and his live-in partner live.

Moreover, in the middle of the video where Donita and Tekla are planning to clean the unit, Tekla mentioned something about Michelle.

Super Tekla said that he has to pay the great debt to the condo owner, For the record, the comedian doesn't own the place and just paying the monthly rent.

As per Super Tekla, the condo unit is fully furnished when they moved in. Michelle allegedly sold the furniture and other stuff inside the condo unit.

So he needs to pay this furniture to the rightful owner. Although it is not clear how much is the exact debt of Tekla and where did Michelle spend the alleged money

Later on, the manager of Klownz comedy bar Marlon Limpin reveals that Michelle was a fraud.

According to Limpin, Michelle uses Tekla's phone while the latter was sleeping and texted him to lend her twenty thousand pesos. Limpin lends some money knowing that Tekla is the one who texted him. But it was too late when he found that Tekla is not the one who is borrowing money. The worst part is the money that Michelle borrows uses in gambling and to buy drugs. 

He also reveals that he was not the only one deceived by Michelle but also Donita Nose, Boobay, and Tekla's manager.

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