Sarah Wurtzbach become viral again in social media after she asked how to retrieve a record in Pasig

Pia Wurtzbach's sister, Sarah Wurtzbach has recently lashed out at the former beauty queen and their mother on Sunday, October 11 in a series of online posts on her Instagram account. 

After the issue, Sarah Wurtzbach apologizes to Pia for bashing her online. She revealed that her real conflict is with their mother, Cheryl Alonzo Tyndall, not Pia. She explains that her sister has always been nice to her.

Now, she took to social media to seek a record in a barangay in Pasig, where she allegedly filed the case about the abuse.

"How to contact the barangay in Rosario, Pasig? I have a record there ..."

One of the things that Sarah mentioned in the controversial rant was that Jeremy Jauncey got into trouble with his clients because of their mother, Cheryl Alonzo.

It can be recalled how the beauty queen was recently lambasted by her sister on social media. She said, "ang baho ng ugali mo." The posts of Sarah have gone viral on social media.

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