RR Enriquez gives an honest opinion on a Viral photo of Angel Locsin

RR Enriquez was living a quietful life away from showbiz, she is a former actress and dancer on Wowowee. she also becomes one of the hosts in sexy comedy TV Banana Split. 

RR Enriquez and Angel Locsin did not become together on the same project even though they are in the same station. 

In her Instagram account, she posted about the viral photo of Angel Locsin that her body changed after a few years. She said that if it was fake news or real, Angel Locsin becoming one beautiful face and body in showbiz and even they are not close, she knows that Angel has a good heart and a humble person.

According to her, it is a normal reaction to be shocked and saddened because of what happened in Angel Locsin. She also explained that Angel, maybe going through something that caused her to gain weight.

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