PWD Seeks Help After Getting Beaten Up by this Furious Man

A person with a disability was punched until he fainted. In a convenience store nearby, a CCTV caught an incident. A man who is standing in front of the store was confronted by a guy wearing black long sleeves. It was seen that he talked to the victim until he grabbed his head and pushed it to the wall. He was not yet contented and grabbed the bottle of soft drinks and smashed it in the victim's face.

He did not stop there because he kicked the victim until it fainted. He walked away as nothing happened. A man nearby approached the victim and helped him to get up, but the victim is unconscious. According to the post, they are seeking help to make the case reach to Raffy Tulfo. The post said that the victim is a person with a disability.

The suspect gave 7 thousand pesos for the medical treatment for the victim. But the family is refusing to the attacker's offer. But it kept on insisting to just agree with him because it will just cost a lot if they will push the case cause they will need a lawyer and the process will take longer. 

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