Plans of Renovating His House went Down the drain after Boy Tapang loses P300,000 in YouTube Earnings

YouTube relies heavily on community members policing the site. Every video has a link under it titled flag. Clicking on this link will alert YouTube staffers that someone believes the video content violates YouTube's terms of use. Staffers review every flagged video, and if they agree that the video violates YouTube policies, they'll remove the clip from the site and send a warning to the video's creator. If the violation is really extreme, YouTube might also delete the creator's account.

Social media star Ronnie Suan, better known as Boy Tapang, burst into tears following the termination of his YouTube channel Mukbang TV.

Mukbang TV becomes one of the popular social media influencers in the Philippines for eating exotics foods. He is also consuming disgusting insects and even non-food items to show his courage on social media.

One time he ate dog and cat feces, arguably his most disgusting video to date.

But his “Asmr eating Banana worm” was a little too much as YouTube informed him that the video violated the Community Guidelines by disobeying the online video-sharing platform’s graphic content policy.

There are several videos he uploaded of himself expressing tremendous over his channel demise. People still find him funny even when he's crying. In one of his videos, he was seen drinking beer as he apologized to his fans for what happens on his channel.

Ronnie accumulated P300,000 from making YouTube videos. He waited five months for his money, but unfortunately, all is lost.

Ronnie was planning on using the money to renovate his family’s house.

He also planned on buying a television set for his family so they wouldn’t have to go to their neighbors for entertainment.

Ronnie then thanked his followers and his “bashers.”

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