Parents Caught Their Daughter Joining NPA After Posting a Picture Online

A student found joining NPA after posting pictures online. NPA or the New People's Army is the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines of CCP. Their main objective is to destroy and dismantle the rule of the enemy and taking their political power. The NPA was found and established the year 1969. Their group is reaching headlines and media companies and even to the government.

That's why it was a shock for the parents of a student when they found out that their daughter joined the group. Parents expressed how they struggle to survive their child's education then, later on, discovered that it became a terrorist. 

In the photo she posted it was seen she is holding a gun and seems like they are in the forest. Parents expressed their shock and disbelief after discovering the true situation of their child.

Some people commented and argued against the post, that it's their daughter's decision, and they should respect it. But others were moved by the parent's sentiments about their daughter's decision. Some even commented and insulted the way the students hold her gun. Moreover, the post reached thousands of people.

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