Paolo Contis Showed Struggles Of Girl Dad Watching NBA

Paolo Contis posted a funny photo of himself with daughter his Summer showing the struggles and reality of girl dads trying to watch an NBA game. Summer is his child with LJ Reyes. The couples are both a celebrity and vloggers. They are known for posting funny videos about baby Summer and Paolo. They share their happy moments with their children on their social media accounts.

In the photo, Paolo uploaded he was seen with messy hair and a sorry face as he sat beside Baby Summer, who is comfortably sitting on a sofa looking giddy and excited. He was holding the remote control but Baby Summer is clearly the boss, as Paolo expressed in his caption that he should be watching game 1 of the NBA finals but he's watching Frozen (A Disney movie).

Lots of people find the photo funny and entertaining. The post immediately reached hundred thousands of people and now it is viral. Many of the netizens expressed their love for Paolo and Baby Summer, especially on their videos bonding together.

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