Ogie Diaz thinks that Tekla will easily be swayed if Michelle begs him to Comeback

A lot of things happened this week on social media, especially to those people who were involved in the issues that bombarded our news feeds with so many controversies. The topic regarding GMA rising entertainer, Super Tekla hasn't yet seized as people kept digging on things that could be used against the allegations that his live-in partner Michelle has been claiming to Raffy Tulfo.

The issue between Tekla and Michelle is already over in RTIA but some netizen they think that it's not already finished.

On the YouTube channel of Ogie Diaz along with celebrity stylist Mama Loi, one of the topics that the talent manager tackled is Tekla’s affection towards his former live-in partner Michell Lhor Bana-ag. 

On the vlog, Mama Loi asked Ogie if "That's what I want to ask you Mom. Because you talked to him (Tekla) before they got along. Then when they got along you still talked to him. Do you think Tekla really loves Michelle? ”

Ogie quickly answered. "he loves, he loves her, I saw it with my eyes… But Tekla said that if you do not give up your family, for your son and me…and is just like this." "I feel, I just feel ah, if I read Tekla and Michelle. I feel Michelle persuade Tekla, Tekla is gone, Tekla will give up." "Unless there is a newcomer and he has fallen out of love with Michelle because of the person who came in his new life."

Mama Loi likewise shared his realization about Tekla silence amid the peak of the issue. “You know Mom, now I believe that he really loves her. Because ‘no, come to think of it he never spoke against Michelle. Throughout this story, you never heard that she was Michelle, this is it, this is it. Nothing?”

Ogie has already interview Tekla on his own youtube channel, there is a two a part of in the said interview but part 2 was deleted because of allegedly reported it or requested it because the issue was over.

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