Ogia Diaz accused Tekla's live-in partner that she burned down their condo

On October 20, Kapuso comedian Super Tekla is in the hot seat after his partner Michelle Bana-ag accused him of forcing her to have sex with him.

The video shown before broadcaster Raffy Tulfo talked to Michelle Lhor Bana-ag, the complainant and partner of Super Tekla, has shocked many people and the host himself. Virtually, he went on interviewing Tekla’s partner who revealed the truth about the video and every act he has done behind it while tearing up.

But the friend of Tekla Donita Nose and Ogie Diaz defends him on accusation against his live-in partner. In Raffy Tulfo’s program, Donita said that he knows the attitude of Tekla.

According to Ogie Diaz, Michelle burned down their condo so Tekla spent almost 2 million for the penalty. Michelle's defense was that Tekla was not there at that time because he was out of town she was left alone and when she left the condo she cleaned first and when she returned the guard did not let her in because the condo was on fire. 

But Ogie Diaz asked what Michelle wanted, if he wanted to get along with Tekla or imprison Tekla, Michelle replied that she was in a broken family and she also did not want to lose a father for their child but she milled and endured six years and he waited a long time because she thought Tekla would change and if she did not fight it she would look stupid so he chose to imprison Tekla.

Tekla's manager Rose Conde also spoke to defend Tekla about Michelle's accusation. According to Conde, the video Michele sent to Raffy Tulfo in Action was just planted.

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