OFW seeks help from Raffy Tulfo, died before returning home

Even before the plane carrying OFW Leonida Morales on her way home to the Philippines, she passed away. Leonida is an OFW in Saudi Arabia who helped Raffy Tulfo with the program so that she could return home. She was seriously ill and had to undergo surgery. Leonida's relative was unhappy when she returned home.

Overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Leonida Morales was on her way home to the Philippines when she died while boarding a plane. Leonida is the OFW who helped idol Raffy Tulfo so that he can return home after suffering from an illness. According to her relatives, Leonida has long wanted to return to the country due to her illness. In the last interview with idol Raffy, She begged so much that she could return home. She also said that she needed surgery, but because of the expensive cost in the Saudi hospital, She was not able to undergo the operation. The program took immediate action, and Leonida has scheduled to return home on Thursday. 

Unfortunately, it did not reach and died on the plane. According to her sister's story, they were waiting for OWWA's call that day because that was Leonida's order. They said they were shocked when OWWA announced that Leonida had passed away. The family mourned the loss and could barely speak. They described Leonida as an industrious and unselfish person. The estimated time that she has been an OFW for 30 years, and they have never failed when asking for help. 

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