Neri Naig-Miranda's plans after buying 6000sqm lot property

As far as celebrity couples go, Chito Miranda and Neri Naig are definitely one of the most admirable. The two, who seem to only grow closer as the days go by.

Chito Miranda was the frontman of one of the biggest Filipino bands Parokya ni Edgar and Neri Naig was an online seller.  Buying a vacant lot or land brings opportunities, but it also brings headaches and challenges you don't experience when you buy an established home. Here are things to consider when it comes to essential services. 

Real estate agents are licensed professionals who arrange real estate transactions, putting buyers and sellers together and acting as their representatives in negotiations. Real estate agents usually are compensated completely by a commission—a percentage of the property's purchase price, so their income depends on their ability to get a deal closed.

Neri Naig-Miranda's bought a property that estimated at 18 Million PHP to 22 Million PHP on Le sol Residence at Afonso, Cavite near Tagaytay. According to her official Instagram account, her plans are to build her own house and sell the remaining parts of her property to possible clients. 

Within a month the property she selling is almost occupied

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