More than P2 billion earned: Where does Raffy Tulfo spend his Earnings?

Raffy Tulfo in Action has a YouTube channel that has one of the highest numbers of subscribers in the country. Having 15 million subscribers on YouTube and counting, Raffy Tulfo is now considered as the number one in the ranking of Filipino celebrities with the most subscribers on YouTube.

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With an estimated P2 billion revenue to date from his YouTube channel, it’s easy to wonder just how Raffy Tulfo spends his money. 

In an interview with Leo Bukas of, Tulfo shared a large portion of his earning goes towards helping others, especially to those in need of financial assistance and to the poor.

"We are helping a large portion of our compatriots. So, there is a destination, for those in need." he said.

He then didn’t deny that there is also a part of the earnings that go to him for his needs and his family.

“And then, of course, there is also a part of it that I can use. I’ll be lying when I say everyone goes one hundred percent there for help. Some also come to me, to my needs, to my family. But a big part of that money goes to helping the poor. ”

According to Tulfo, one of the best ways to build a following is through "credibility."

“So I had a lot of subscribers because through the years I was able to establish my credibility to them, that when I provide public service, eh, I really mean it and I'm very sincere in helping them, which is not the just show off, ”he explained.

"The viewers will know, the complainants will know if you are just a fake or if you really are your helper. So, in my case, they saw that what I was doing was really legit so they rushed our action center,” he added.

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