Makaganda's Bestfriend Witnessed How Terrible Merck Grey is!

In the early morning of October 11, Caffey Namindang went live on Facebook. During her 23-minutes rant, Caffey revealed that Christian has only been using him as content for his videos. She also said that everything on their vlogs was scripted and planned by Christian himself.

Many have been saying that all of their vlogs including the pranks are all scripted. After months of these contents, Namindang revealed that all of their videos are scripted. According to her, Christian is only using her and her family just to earn money from youtube.

After the Facebook live video, her friend named Niña Melissa Baylon posted about when Caffey Namindang invites her to make a short film.  According to her statement, She sees the concentrated bruises on the thigh and arm of Caffey Namindang because of what Christian Merck did to her, and the alleged pregnancy test of Namindang. There are so many times Namindang becomes pregnant but she aborts it because that's what Christian Merk wants. She also said that Christian Merck dislikes her because she knows the true nature of him.

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