Makaganda and Christian Merck Grey have finally meet in Raffy Tulfo in Action

In the early morning of October 11, Caffey Namindang went live on Facebook. During her 23-minutes rant, Caffey revealed that Christian has only been using him as content for his videos. She also said that everything on their vlogs was scripted and planned by Christian himself.

Many have been saying that all of their vlogs including the pranks are all scripted. After months of these contents, Namindang revealed that all of their videos are scripted. According to her, Christian is only using her and her family just to earn money from youtube.

On Oct 12 Caffey Namindang reported his boyfriend Christian Merck on Raffy Tulfo on Action. In her interview with Raffy Tulfo, she said all of what Christian Merck did to her and her family.

After days and episodes in Raffy Tulfo in Action, Christian Merck and Caffey finally had the chance to talk with each other again.

But even they finally meet Caffey decided that there is no turning back in their reality. Ther decided that they will just take 50% part of their income as well as their business and sportscar

The two had come to the decision that they will take out all the money in their back and cut it in half.

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