Lawyer Defends Super Tekla against Live-in Partner Michelle and Attorney Garreth

Attorney Libayan posted on his youtube channel BATASnatin about possible cases that can be filed with Tekla.

Atty. Ranny Randolf B. Libayan is the Firm's founder. He was born to parents who were fueled primarily by love and hard work in raising him with his three (3) siblings. They were a normal struggling Filipino family. Atty. Libayan was public-schooled from elementary to college. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science from Benguet State University and a law degree from the University of Baguio - a newcomer in legal education at that time.

Atty. Garreth Tungol regularly appeared on Raffy Tulfo’s show whenever the radio personality asked advice when it comes to legal matters. Tungol has also a segment on “Idol in Action” wherein he gives updates on the progress of the cases.

When Tulfo asked Atty. Tungol what case can be filed against Tekla, He said that it was sexual violence but if Tekla succeeds to have s3x against the will of  Michelle it will be Marital sex

But Atty, Libayan has other perspectives, According to Libayan when Michelle was hurt, when she was forced to have s3x why did she not report immediately, and when she saw that Michelle's children were already aggrieved why did they not report immediately.

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