Kim Chiu, Angelica Panganiban, and Bella Padilla Celebrated Their Friendship at Zambales

Kapamilya Actresses Angelica Panganiban, Bella Padilla, and Kim Chiu are seen at the beach in Zambales. Their picture has gone viral after posted on their social media accounts. Netizens were shocked because they haven't seen Kim, Bella, and Angelica hanging out in public. Now they are celebrating their friendship. Lots of actresses in the showbiz are turning into good friends.

In the photo they posted, they are wearing bikinis and looks like they are having fun with each other's companion. Bellas is wearing a maroon bikini, Kim is in a white two-piece, while Angelica is in a floral read swimming attire. All of them look hot and gorgeously beautiful. Netizens are complimenting their beauty and admiring their friendship.

Lots of celebrity friends just like them became true friends, while others are not. Their fans and supporters are fond of their favorite artist being a friend with their co-artist in the industry. Moreover, their celebration of friendship prooves that despite differences as an actor they are still bonded by their personalities.

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