Jon Gutierrez in a Handcuff on His Own Birthday

Womanizers have certain personality traits, which are easy to spot when you know what you’re looking for! The sooner you recognize the signs of a womanizer, the better able you are to protect yourself from addictive love and men who use women.

It takes two to tango. A guy who either is naturally attractive or has learned to be attractive and to seduce women and women who do not have the skills or inclinations to detect a guy seeking to use them or do not care. Without the women to participate, there is no possibility of being a womanizer. 

Jon Gutierrez and Jelai Andres collectively known as Jolai online are one of the most controversial social media couples and internet sensations. Their story as a couple is being followed by millions of netizens resulting in their stardom as a pair plus King Badger's established name in the rap music industry as he's part of the most popular Filipino rap group Ex Battalion.

Jelai and Jon tied the knot in late 2018. However, their marriage ended on a sour note after Jelai posted an emotional video accusing Jon of cheating on her with Toni Fowler. Although Jon never commented on the issue, he did make a music video pleading to Jelai for forgiveness.

In Jelai's vlog in her Youtube account, she gave Jon an opportunity to be his date just for a whole day. After that, there's another video uploaded on February 23, 2020, we can see that Jelai visited Jon in the hospital because he's been sicked cause of dengue.

On the recent Tiktok post of the account name kaanchaaaaa, Jon Gutierrez was in handcuff with three people who are in a soldier uniform. They make him plead to not go on womanizing again after he makes him plead Jelai Andres and her friend make an appearance surprise him a Happy Birthday.


Jokes on you jon!🤣 HAHAHAHHAHAHA ##foryou ##foryoupage

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