How much Raffy Tulfo in Action's estimated earnings in YouTube videos of Tekla and Michelle's issue

According to Pinoy Money Talk, Raffy Tulfo in Action is the highest-paid known YouTuber in the Philippines with estimated earnings of P2.8 Million to P45.12 Million every month. In his past interviews regarding the controversial salary, he denied receiving P50 Million from the YouTube ad partnership program, claiming that the estimated earnings were exaggerated.

But recently, he disclosed how he spent the P2 Billion ad earnings from YouTube, donating a large percentage of it to people who really needed help and financial assistance. Now, after the feud between Tekla and Michelle, people started asking how much did he earn from their videos from part 1 to part 7.

This estimation was based on YouTube's lowest bid in ad serving.

Total views x $4.17/1000 views times P48.00 (convert USD to PHP)

Part 1 - 13 million views = $54,210 or P2,602,080

Part 2 - 10 million views = $41,700 or P2,001,600

Part 3 - 7.5 million views = $31,275 or  P1,501,200

Part 4 - 7.7 million views = $32,109 or P1,541,232

Part 5 - 6.1 million views = $25,437 or P1,220,976

Part 6 - 5.7 million views = $23,769 or P1,140,912

Part 7(Finale) - 2.9 million views = $12,093 or P619,344

Total: $220,593 or P10,588,464

As of posting, all of these videos are still gaining views from different parts of the world and expected to skyrocket until the video is no longer trending or deleted.

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