How much does Ex-Batalion owes for the alleged plagiarism issue?

ARMYs are expressing outrage on social media towards Skusta Clee who is facing a plagiarism issue concerning one BTS song. Last September 22, Skusta Clee featuring Flow-G, launched their single for a clothing line promotion 'Deym - 90's Gang'. A few weeks later, BTS fans heard the song and noticed some close resemblance to BTS Suga, RM, and J-Hope's song Ddaeng which was released in the 2018 BTS Festa, fans are thinking that the rapper had stolen the beat from BTS causing a backlash from the fans.

Ex Battalion's Management has sent on Bandwagon a press statement in response to the allegations made by fans on Twitter.

“It has been brought to attention of Ex-Battalion Music Management that the song “DEYM” by Archie “Flow G” Dela Cruz bears some resemblance to “DDAENG” by BTS. It was alleged by articles going around the internet that Flow G plagiarized the BTS song and made it his own. We at Ex-Battalion Music Management specifically deny all of these allegations.

The two songs are inherently different albeit sounding similar. The beats-per-minute (bpm) of the two songs differ as one is more or less 6-8bpm faster than the other. Each of the two songs also use different chord patterns because the producers of the songs are different.

Our artists used a generic triplet flow or cadence. Other international artist also used this cadence over the years such as A$AP Rocky and Quavo. These cadences are not owned by anyone as they are of public domain. It was also claimed that the “vibe” of these songs are similar because of this cadence. We would like to point out that the context of these songs is different and “vibe” is subjective. Parallel thinking among artists do happen and it cannot be avoided.”

Angelica, meanwhile, took to her Twitter account to address the issue.

According to her, Flow G lost a million-peso deal because of this issue and that's okay for him.

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