Homeless People Harshly Fight For Rice

Two homeless people are fighting in the street because of the rice they received. In these challenging times, people find it hard to struggle and survive everyday living. Access to daily needs is hard to find. Jobs vacancies are minimal for some people and hard to provide for their family's needs.

In the middle of the busy street, two homeless people were caught fighting. When someone butted in to ask about their situation. They discovered that they are fighting for rice. 

A good samaritan happened to pass them by and thought that the woman and the old man were related so he gave them one goodie bag containing 10 kilos of rice and 7 sardines. Later on, they argued on who should own the bag of rice.

Due to anger the old man wrecked the plastic bag and kicked it away, throwing the rice and sardines. He was complaining that the good samaritan should not give if he can't be fair in distributing. The woman on the other side claimed that the rice was given to them. The truth is the good samaritan gave the rice to both of them thinking that they are related.

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