Foreign Doctor indirectly Accused a certain Detox Coffee to be the Cause of death of Lloyd Cadena?

It’s no secret that a lot of vloggers all around the world love the Philippines. This is why these Youtube creators who love the Philippines are now joining our fight against COVID-19 by giving video greetings to raise relief funds.

Doctor Adam Smith, also known as Doc Adam to his more than 1,16m subscribers on Youtube, actual vlogs in Tagalog! His love for the Filipino people started during his visits here for medical missions. He noticed that medical knowledge is very limited in many places here which is why he makes it his mission to educate the Pinoys to become healthier through his vlogs.

Lloyd was confined to the hospital on September 1 due to a high fever and dry cough. He was tested for COVID-19 on the same day which the result came out positive on September 3.

All the members of the family, as well as his BNT friends, isolated themselves upon learning of Lloyd's condition.

The family also said Lloyd suffered from a heart attack while asleep early Friday.

In one of the videos of Doc Adam, he posted about a possibility of the cause of death of Lloyd Cadena, he said that one of the main cause is the product made by the name Leo Ortiz.

In his recent post on both Facebook and Youtube account, Doc Adams posted a video titled Goodbye Facebook and Goodbye Youtube. 

In his video, he tells that there is so much wrong information online about health in the Philippines and not only incorrect information but also dangerous. After that, he tells that a lawyer came to his office in Australia, putting a camera on his face, and gave a document saying Doc Farah suing him.

According to the document given to him, Doc Farah wants damage exceeding $100,000 and he was threatening to report him to Australia Medical Board to revoke his license.

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