Dimples Romana and Her Husband gave their Housekeeper a 2-story House as a Surprise

For celebrities, juggling your personal life plus your career can be challenging. Because of this, some famous celebrities rely on their maids or personal assistant to keep things in order for them. That's the reason why they are very thankful to them. That is why some celebrities give them presents for thanking them.

Pinay actress Dimples Romana and her husband, Boyet Ahmee, surprised their housekeeper with her own 2-story house. The sweet video goes viral, especially because the housekeeper Ate Vilma, whom they fondly call as “Ate V”, had no idea that the house was hers when they began the tour!

According to the couple, Ate V has been with them for 17 years In those years, they have trusted Ate V and actually seek her advice on a lot of things, including stuff like buying a property and helping them raise their children.

Now that they are doing so much better, Dimples and Boyet decided to give back this favor by giving Ate V a house of her own.

Deciding that it would be more exciting if they will hand it over to Ate V as a surprise gift, the couple brought her to the house under the guise of asking for her approval. Since this isn’t the first time that they asked for her advice before buying a property, Ate V did not think they were preparing a surprise. 

Moreover, Dimples told her she’ll receive Php6,000 to be part of the vlog. She really thought this was just another vlog post by the actress. What she didn’t know is that they bought this house for her!

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